We work for you, not the service providers. We make sure you don't pay a dime more than you should!
We work for you, not the service providers.We make sure you don't pay a dime more than you should!

We bring complete clarity and savings to your business telecom expenses. 


Who is your telecom service provider?


It doesn't matter to us; we represent only you and your business's best interests.


Who at your company is currently responsible for telecom expenses?


Unless your staff have dedicated market knowledge with strong analytical and outstanding negotiation skills (and dedicated time), you're most likely not in the best market position. Should you get there on a 'one shot' address of your account, you shouldn't expect to retain that position for the life of your agreement. Times are changing very fast.


Who decides what's best for you?


You do. We bring the solutions to you and you will see clearly

your unique savings opportunities.


What can I do on my own to help our company save on telecom expenses?


The first step is to understand what your needs are now and what they will be in the future.



What about our existing service agreement? 


This is taken into consideration in all solutions presented to you. Most often this is not a significant deterrent and can be overcome with options.


What is BYOD?


Bring Your Own Device and it's becoming more common with some businesses. This may be a good opportunity and have many benefits for your business but it should be embraced as a company option only following full comprehension of the pros and cons. The biggest pro is probably how much your employees will appreciate using a device they are knowledgeable and comfortable using, resulting in better performing employees who are usually connected 24/7 to your business.  The biggest con is most likely security issues and these devices may have access to critical confidential company and client information, which without the proper measures could allow a breach in your security.


Where do I turn to for assistance to make sure we are not spending too much?


Just pick up the phone and arrange for a no obligation, no charge confidential discussion of your account. We are performance driven to bring you significant savings.




We are about saving you time and money, so 15 to 20 minutes in your office should do it.


Why should we use an independent firm to handle our telecom expense?


For most businesses telecom expenses are a secondary expense and not relevant to the core operation, but the business would certainly not function efficiently without telecommunications. With outside expertise brought in to manage this expense, your staff can resume their core activities. Our expertise and industry knowledge is ongoing because this is our core business.


How long does it take to start saving money?


Following completion of your audit (which can take 5 to 10 days) we will work with your existing vendor to recover incorrect billings and payments. We will audit the past 12 months. Credits obtained from the vendor may appear on your next invoice depending on your billing cycle.

Savings on your account for monthly services will be seen following the implementation of changes (usually done within 30 days) and seen on the first new billing.


How does Crystal Clear Telecom Savings get compensated?


Firstly, we focus to recover monies you've probably already paid in error. We are very diligent and quite successful. Secondly, we will demonstrate how you can save money every month. Following your complete understanding about how and how much you are going to save, we will implement all changes. When the savings and credits are realized, our compensation is based on sharing the hard dolllar savings. The time you recover, the staff that's now busy with core business and the lack of headaches from dealing with the service provider are all yours to keep.

Did you know?

  • According to the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (Annual Report 2012-13), over 60% of the complaints they received were related to wireless services followed by internet service complaints at 19%.
  • 22.8% of the complaints they received for wireless service were billing related, while loss of service and repair issues accounted for only 10.8%. Vendor compliance ranked at 4.3%. (These are the ones reported.)


  • According to the Wireless Code governed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commision, you have the right to receive a notification when you are roaming in a different country, telling you what the rates are for voice services, text message and data usage.
  • If you signed an agreement with your provider after December 2, 2013 you also have the right to refuse a change to the key terms and conditions of your contract, including the services in your contract, the price for those services, and the duration of your contract. If you signed before December 2, 2013 you may have this protection, unless your agreed contract directly contradicts this.




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