We work for you, not the service providers. We make sure you don't pay a dime more than you should!
We work for you, not the service providers.We make sure you don't pay a dime more than you should!

A clear set of principles and values have allowed us to readily adapt to the constant changes occuring in the market today.

CRYSTAL CLEAR Telecom Savings follows four main principles:




Competence and Due Care

Confidentiality and Trust


Serving your best interests at all times!

CRYSTAL CLEAR Telecom Savings was founded by Debra Glass. Her hands on approach to each and every client has provided her an outstanding reputation for not only saving time and money, but also providing peace of mind.  The quality of her services has been described as:


  • "her knowledge and skills are quite extensive"
  • "addresses issues immediately"
  • "has saved us a lot of money"
  • "focuses on our needs"
  • "I would strongly recommend her"
  • "saved money every month"
  • "eliminated any costly time by my office staff"
  • "helped us save money in ways we never knew we could"
  • "continually diligent in obtaining credits"
  • "always been available to assist our staff"
  • "always willing to go the extra mile"


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