CRYSTAL CLEAR Telecom Savings effectively reduces business telecom expenses and employee time by providing expertise to your account management.

We are focused and dedicated to providing every opportunity to our clients to reduce and control their telecom expenses.  We find the best solutions to fit your unique business needs, as they are now and where they will be in the future.


  • feeling restricted by contract limitations and commitments
  • telecom expenses are not considered a high priority until an issue arises
  • minimal time is allotted for invoice auditing
  • market knowledge is limited
  • staff are not trained how to navigate the billings systems
  • excess charges are detected only by invoice or subscriber price fluctuations
  • unauthorized employee activities are not detected 
  • your service provider has assured you that you have the best prices and plans available
Our primary business is making sure your secondary expenditure is not costing you thousands of dollars more than it should. Please see our 'What We Do For You' page.
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